Maximised solo staking returns

By solo staking and running your node independently, you collect 100% of Execution and Consensus Layer rewards.

Historical data

Validator Nodes and the infrastructure they run on always belong to our customers. Using the Launchnodes orchestration layer you can see the effectiveness and yield of solo stakers and nodes that use Launchnodes.  

Average staking returns

Number of nodes
APY 2023
Nodes effectiveness

Solo staking returns explained

Your solo staking returns consist of Execution and Consensus Layer returns. 

Consensus Layer returns are frequent, consistent, and represent the percentage yield earned from staking. This yield is shown on the website. 

Execution Layer returns are available to solo stakers in addition to this, are infrequent and not guaranteed, but they can be large or very large. 

Solo staking is the only way to know what both your Execution and Consensus Layer returns are, and to keep 100% of both. 

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