Stake Ethereum with DVT

Distributed Validator Technology significantly improves the resilience of staking for institutions running a large number of nodes

Stake Ethereum with DVT (Distributed Validator Technology)

DVT (Distributed Validator Technology) is a service for institutional clients. The service allows businesses to allocate the duties of Ethereum validators to a cluster of nodes spread across multiple operators, significantly improving your staking resilience. DVT is an emerging technology in the Ethereum ecosystem and Launchnodes helps your business use it and be part of the eco-system.

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Benefits of Distributed Validator Technology

By using DVT as a service, customers get multi-operator, fault-tolerant clusters of servers that run Ethereum execution clients, consensus clients and Distributed Validator clients. This ensures that if a validator fails, it can recover without going offline or getting slashed.

Launchnodes helps you build a strategy and implementation plan to establish a repeatable and scalable pattern to use DVT inside your staking business. We also deliver and support the implementation of DVT for our customers by working with their engineering teams.

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