Solo stake on bare metal

Run validator, beacon and geth nodes on the data centre infrastructure you own

Stake Ethereum on Bare Metal

If you plan to Solo Stake Ethereum on your own infrastructure, we can help. Work with us to set up and manage Consensus layer and Execution layer clients on your own data centre infrastructure, that you own, in a geography of your choice. 

We provide technical set up and support for a fixed price, allowing you to keep all your staking returns and manage regulatory and operational risk. Launchnodes do not have access to your funds, keys or mnemonics, and take no commission from your staking returns. We charge fixed set up fees and subscription fees in US dollars.

If you want to help decentralise Ethereum, maximise your returns and natively participate in Ethereum staking, Launchnodes makes it easy for you to learn and start staking on bare metal.

Choose your Consensus and
Execution Layer Clients

With Launchnodes, Solo Staking on bare metal allows you to choose
your Consensus layer client from the following clients:





You get to choose your MEV solution, select OFAC compliant solutions or censorship resistant MEV solutions, or choose not to use MEV at all.

Choose and build your own custody solutions using third party providers of your choice, or your own hybrid solutions.

If you want to Solo Stake on bare metal, work with Launchnodes to do it more quickly and cost effectively.

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