Beacon node as a Service (Shared)

Connect Validator nodes running on your own
hardware, AWS or any other public cloud to an
always-on Beacon node (Prysmatic) run and
managed by Launchnodes on AWS!


Beacon nodes as a Service, reduces the technical complexity and cost of running a validator node (Prysmatic), by removing the need for you to run and synchronise your own Ethereum Beacon node.

Customers can run their own Validator nodes using their own hardware, on AWS or other cloud infrastructure and connect a single or multiple validator nodes to a Launchnodes’ Beacon node. All our nodes are synchronized with the beacon chain, always on, and run the latest version of the software on AWS infrastructure. Managed and monitored 24/7 by our experts.

This multi-tenant service means your validator node will be connected to an Ethereum staking beacon node that never has more than 50 Validator nodes connected to it. Our nodes run in multiple geographies so you can choose a location closest to where you Validator node is located to minimise latency.

Not having to run your own Ethereum blockchain Beacon node, simplifies the technical requirements for staking Ethereum, by removing the need to run and secure the infrastructure. 

Furthermore, using Launchnodes Beacon nodes as a service removes the infrastructure and connectivity costs of running a dedicated Beacon node, making decentralized non-custodial staking cheaper.


Remove the cost and complexity of running your own Beacon Node

A low-cost way to use a Beacon node that includes all the hardware, software, support and connectivity costs

Connect your Ethereum staking Validator node (Prysmatic) to an always-on synched beacon node, running the most updated client software in a region close to you

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