Investment Grade Staking & RPC Nodes

Solo Staking & RPC nodes for Ethereum and other blockchains

Launchnodes provides an Always ON Prysmatic or Teku Validator Node for Ethereum staking on mainnet or testnets

  • Use the power of public cloud or bare metal to build your Solo Staking infrastructure
  • Always running the latest version of the Prysmatic or Teku Validator client software for Solo Staking
  • Your Validator node is easy to set up and private. It is entirely managed in your own infrastructure and connected to a Launchnodes Beacon node with a Geth execution layer client as default.
  • Or connect to your own Prysmatic or Teku Beacon node with your own execution layer client on public cloud or bare metal.

A pre-synced Beacon node (using the Teku or Prysmatic client), with the Geth Client for Ethereum that allows you to connect to the beacon chain quickly and connect to Validator nodes. Beacon nodes can take 4-5 days to synchronise. Geth nodes can take 1 or 2 days.

  • Launchnodes Pre-synced Ethereum Beacon node with Geth is synchronised within 3-5 hours, saving 5+ days of synchronisation time
  • Solo Stake Ethereum
  • Run RPC nodes faster and more resiliently
  • Build effective backup infrastructure for staking at scale

Launchnodes’ Concierge Service provides end-to-end set up for an Ethereum validator node. This is ideal if you want to Solo Stake and have at least 32 Ethereum or multiples of 32 Ethereum in a Metamask wallet, or a wallet compatible with depositing ETH through the ETH launchpad.

The validator nodes can connect to a Launchnodes Beacon node or your own Beacon nodes. You can use this service to build your own customised staking architecture as a solo Ethereum stakers. On AWS or your own infrastructure.

  • A fully managed set up for Ethereum Nodes in your own infrastructure
  • Non-technical users can run an Ethereum node as Solo Stakers
  • Scope for engineers and more technical users to review and optimise Validator node set up

Launchnodes provides a pre-synced Geth Node on AWS for staking ETH, native RPC nodes and other Layer 2 solutions. For the purposes of ETH staking Geth is an execution layer client.

A pre-synced Geth node is useful for any business or person staking ETH and can be used by all consensus layer clients. These consensus layer clients can run on public cloud or private data centre infrastructure. Making it easier and cheaper to stake ETH

All ETH Layer 2 solutions also require an Ethereum Geth node. This easy to run Geth node is pre-synced and can be deployed on public cloud or bare metal. By making Geth easy Launchnodes supports building in the Layer 2 eco-system.

  • A pre-synchronised Geth node to make staking ETH easier, faster and cheaper.
  • Suitable for those staking ETH using all consensus layer clients
  • Makes ETH staking easier on cloud or private data centre infrastructure

Launchnodes provides corporate clients and governments with technical and product assessments of how they can build staking services or Use Launchnodes white label solutions. Our assessments last 3-6 weeks and deliver the following business outcomes:

  • The building of Staking and DeFi propositions in collaboration with the Launchnodes consulting team
  • An understanding of how your business can launch new products based on Ethereum staking and comply with US, UK and EU regulatory requirements
  • A high level DeFi and Staking Product Roadmap to take products and service live in production
  • A high level Technical Roadmap and Architecture for execution.

Learn about our implementation work with UNICEF to see Launchnodes Product Consultancy in action.

We provide customers with white labelled nodes that can run on public cloud, our infrastructure or data centre infrastructure owned by you. Create your own independent staking infrastructure with your own nodes in your own AWS, GCP or Azure account, or running on your own infrastructure.

Launchnodes offers all the staking building blocks to allow any level of customisation for ETH staking and for alternative blockchains. Use our white labelled staking options to focus on your customer propositions and internal investment strategy.  Launchnodes’ tools and professional services make it cheaper and faster to implement.

Launchnodes Private Blockchain Nodes provide a permissioning and security model that enables prescribed participants to add, view or update data with full Identity Access Management (IAM).

If your enterprise is looking to leverage the security and power of blockchains and smart contracts, Launchnodes can support you with both private blockchains and applications, and across core public blockchain networks.

  • Private blockchain nodes for secure private data distribution using Hyper Ledger Besu
  • Use private blockchains to manage workflows, data transfer, secure messaging and document distribution – with the highest levels of security, permissioning and auditability
  • Harness the power of blockchains to provide real-time data views to multiple parties – simultaneously and securely.

Ethereum Validator Node using Teku or Prysmatic Client (For Solo Staking)

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Pre-synced Ethereum Beacon Node (RPC and Solo Staking)

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Validator Node End to End Set Up and Support

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Geth Node

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Ethereum Staking and DeFi Product Consultancy

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White label staking nodes

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Private blockchains

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Free Trial

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Your Blockchain Nodes on Your Infrastructure

Launchnodes provides nodes on your infrastructure on public cloud or bare metal, for Ethereum and other widely used blockchains. Launchnodes makes it easy to spin up pre-configured, secure Validator, Beacon, Geth and RPC nodes, allowing you to become a Solo Staker or read blockchain data.

Owning your own nodes, independent of any third party:

  • Decentralises the network
  • Reduces risk
  • Maximises your staking returns
  • Provides you with data you can trust.

Launchnodes never holds or has custody of client funds, mnemonics, keys or passwords.


Data or Staking

Understand your goals and compliance requirements for staking or use cases for running RPC nodes


Choose your

Make a choice based on cost, security and regulatory obligations on the infrastructure you want to build your Ethereum staking architecture on, or the performance, cost and dApp use case for your RPC nodes.


Solo Stake &
Access data

As a solo staker you keep all your staking rewards and have full custody of your assets with no vendor or key partner risk relating to your funds or nodes.

Own and understand blockchain data that you can trust through your RPC nodes. Remove performance and data quality issues and build high performance dApps.


Earn rewards &
Use data you can trust

Maximise your staking returns without giving away any third party commission. Use data you can trust for mission-critical financial decisions and building high performance dApps.

About Launchnodes

Our mission is to make Solo Staking and independent access to blockchain data easy, without a third party dependency – and that includes Launchnodes.

We provide self-serve options and support for non-technical Stakers. Helping those building at scale as well as delivering end-to-end managed services and consultancy, for clients who are looking for specific support and financial outcomes.

Launchnodes’ services are designed to be easy, scalable and secure, leveraging public cloud.

What we do

We do nodes. Geth Nodes, Beacon Nodes, Validator nodes for staking Ethereum and RPC nodes building dApps and getting data. We do nodes for public blockchains and we do nodes for private blockchains. Nodes that run on public cloud and nodes that run on bare metal.

Nodes are gateways for earning staking rewards and accessing data and we make owning and running nodes easy.

How we do it

By putting our customers first. Giving them a choice of how much or little technical support they need to become a Solo Staker. Allowing customers to choose the infrastructure they run Ethereum and other blockchain nodes on.

In a rapidly changing ecosystem, we provide businesses with bespoke services to build staking, DeFi and data products that use nodes and public and private blockchains.

Impact Staking

Launchnodes has always believed that Ethereum staking returns can be used as a long-term financing tool to fund positive outcomes related to climate change, inequality and new infrastructure.

Our model for Impact staking is about building an ecosystem of partners and open source experiments that use staking returns to drive social impact and share the data related to that impact.

Learn about how we are using staking returns to fund internet connectivity in developing countries, schools, and software used in maternity wards in refugee camps.

Please reach out if you want to be part of the ecosystem and build out ideas using our learnings and data.

Learn why, what and how and get a practical framework that you can use to build a plan for your organisation to take the first steps towards staking

Why our customers Solo Stake

Solo staking works best for businesses and people who don’t want to trust third parties or depend on their interfaces and want to run their own nodes, minimising custody risk and maximising their returns.

‘Always ON’ Ethereum Validator, Beacon and Geth nodes

Never miss a transaction due to down time. ‘Always ON’ infrastructure that you own for Solo Staking or running RPC nodes.

End to End set up and support of Validator nodes

The concierge service maximises your staking rewards but takes away the technical complexity of staking by doing all of the set up and ongoing management. Validator nodes run on your infrastructure so it is always yours, with no intermediary.

Staking infrastructure for business

For engineers and engineering teams our products provide self serve Geth, Beacon and Validator nodes to allow you to autonomously choose your architecture, levels of isolation and redundancy.


We never take custody of your Ethereum or your, mnemonics or keys You never need to share your keys, passwords or seedphrases with Launchnodes or anybody else.

Pre Synced Beacon & Geth Nodes

Reduce the time to sync an Ethereum Beacon node from days to hours using Launchnodes Pre-synced Beacon and Geth nodes.

Scale and security

Run 1 or 1000 Ethereum Validator nodes, securely and optimally configured to maximise your returns and minimise the risk of staking on your own infrastructure.

RPC Nodes

Ethereum RPC nodes that you own, providing data your business can trust for building dApps and mission critical blockchain data. When third party APIs and endpoints are just not good enough.

White label staking

For businesses that want to solo stake but don't know how, we can help. With us, you can run your own nodes on your own infrastructure. We can also provide white label Solo Staking for your customers.

Featured in

Solo Staking Vs Other staking options

Solo Staking

Crypto Exchanges

Kraken, Coinbase

Virtual Server Staking


Tokenised Staking

Binance, Stakewise, Rocket Pool

% Rewards you keep
We believe you deserve to keep all of the rewards from your staking operations. It’s your money after all. Some companies charge a hefty 20% - or over $1,500 per year, we don’t take a penny.

100 %

80 %

100 %

80 %

ETH Ownership
“Not your keys, not your Ether.” We don’t ever take ownership of your ETH, you stay in control of your keys and your ETH at all times.

Non-custodial, Decentralised. As a Solo Staker you keep and manage your ETH and keys

Custodial: your ETH is blended with other people’s ETH, as part of a staking pool. You don’t have direct access to your wallet keys and ETH

Centralised: а staking server is set up for you on a virtual server

Centralised: typically you trade your ETH for a synthetic token issued by the provider, your ETH is pooled with other stakers’ funds, and your returns are in the synthetic token

Location of nodes
If you plan to have several nodes, the option of distributing these geographically can be helpful. You can also ensure that your nodes are in the best location from a regulatory and risk perspective.

Global – Your choice of region

US only

Some options on geographic location

Some options on geographic location

Key Security





Setting up an ETH 2.0 Validator node involves trusting a server, and a network, with over $100,000 of digital assets. Confidence that the network and servers are secure, is absolutely crucial. With Launchnodes services deployed in your own AWS environment, you have complete ownership and transparency.

Robust, regularly audited infrastructure. AWS verified / security audited







Specialise in
Ethereum staking?
Some companies offer hundreds of different alt coins to stake. Choosing a company that specialises in Ethereum means that you will have dedicated focus from a team with deep Ethereum knowledge and expertise, the latest software updates and the highest levels of technical support and flexibility.
Architectural Choice
With some providers, there is a ‘one size fits all’ approach, with few options to customize or streamline your configuration to maximise uptime, security and rewards. Making sure that your provider is happy to share details of their technical environment and staking infrastructure – and can provide options to suit your needs, is key.
Provider of Beacon
Very few providers offer Ethereum Beacon nodes as a service. Beacon nodes are a core component in staking Ethereum, and providers who offer and optimise dedicated Beacon nodes for their clients can offer higher levels of service and security.
Node Runs in Your
Own Environment?
How much control and visibility do you have of your Ethereum staking environment? Running Ethereum staking in a secure, robust environment that you have ownership of is the pinnacle in security and control.

Your ETH staking nodes run in your own, secure public cloud or bare metal environment, controlled by you

Staking runs on the exchange’s servers, controlled by the exchange

Staking runs on the exchange’s servers, controlled by the exchange

Staking runs on servers controlled by the service provider

Missing opportunities to stake due to technical problems, and slashing events due to poor configuration or setup issues are the primary causes of reduced ETH rewards in staking. Look for the highest levels of uptime and robustness in a provider.

99.95% minimum

Unknown – major outages in 2021

99% SLA


Investing in an Ethereum Validator node involves staking over $100,000. Protect your investment and maximise your staking rewards by choosing a dedicated service provider trusted by leading financial institutions.

$594 per node, per year $500 concierge service for node set up available

20% of all rewards achieved, estimated > $1,500 per year

From $5 per month


Estimated Set Up
Setting up staking nodes can be complicated. Look for a provider who can provide step by step guidance, a streamlined process, and convenient set up over a friendly video conference call.

15 minutes


30 minutes +

30 minutes +

Minimum ETH

32 ETH

Any amount

32 ETH

Any amount

Customer Support
A true test of an Ethereum staking provider isn’t when things are going well, but when you need urgent support and advice. Look for a provider that offers Enterprise grade customer support packages and Service Level Agreements.

Real-time customer support over telephone, email, video conference. Enterprise grade customer support packages and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Email/online support

Email/online support

Email/online support

MEV Boost
Maximal Extractable Value





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