Impact Staking

A new tool for tackling climate change,
inequality and infrastructure

New Financing Tools
For Big Problems

Launchnodes has always believed that staking returns can be used as a long-term financing tool to fund positive outcomes related to climate change, inequality and new infrastructure.




The central idea is that instead of making a single donation or grant, an individual Impact Staker or organisation commits capital in the form of ETH. That ETH is staked for a period of time, and some or all returns from staking are donated to address a climate, inequality or infrastructure problem for a 1-5 year period. 

After that, the original capital is returned to the individual or organisation, allowing them to fund something else, or take back their capital.

Staking ETH

Staking allows the economic wealth generated by the growth of the Ethereum network, in terms of its adoption and the applications built on top of it, to be shared in a different way to the Internet and Web 2.0. Both in terms of:

  • The data being a source of economic wealth that can be monetised by everyone, not simply big tech companies who run centralised databases
  • Securing the network by running validator nodes

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