The Gilt God, NFT Houses and N.W.A on the importance of block explorer analysis

ethereum solo staking

Hello solo stakers Let us start with the data as of 25th October TOTAL ETHEREUM STAKED – 15,232,925 TOTAL VALIDATORS – 449,712 CURRENT APR ~ 4.0% The Merge has happened and everyone wants to know what it means. For regulation, for staking, for the price of Ethereum and obviously Solana :). Life ain’t nothin’ but […]

Billy Joel’s Post Merge Analysis and a Tactical Nuclear strike for Christmas

ethereum solo staking

I hope everyone had a good summer. Let’s start with the data and stay with it a bit longer than normal before we go to the narrative. Total ETH staked 14,710,982 ETH Total validators 434,898 Current APR  4% As of 15-September at 06:46:46 UTC, at Ethereum block height 15,537,393, the final PoW mined block was […]

There but for the Grace of Geth Goes the Merge

Hello Let’s start with some data Data Active Validators 405,229 Staked Ether 12,967,218 ETH = $13.5 Billion USD Average Balance 33.61 ETH “I told you so”, regarding the market bloodbath, the challenges of stable coins and how crypto in general will look like a tech stock when interest rates rise, is not an interesting insight.  […]

Simple and useful information relating to the Merge : wtf is the execution layer?

ethereum staking execution layer merge

Irrational exuberance/everyone losing their sh1t re the upcoming Merge, is great to watch. Everyone involved in pushing code that works and is useful to production, in any given scenario, is a hero in my book.  Those that are pushing the decentralised future of finance and a new general purpose technology to production deserve the spotlight. […]

Kiln, and Financial Weapons of Mass destruction

Hi On the cusp of Kiln going live we saw the 10M staked line being crossed this past week. At the time of writing headline data points for staking ETH looks like this 10,543,433 ETH Total ETH Staked Total validators 314,100 Current APR 4.8% Just for fun and to respect the persistence of numbers I […]

Node Liquidity and Fighting now or dying later/Ліквідність вузла та боротьба зараз чи смерть потім

~ This text was translated by Yulia a Ukranian women living in a shelter in Kyiv, with her family. Привіт, друзі Я вже говорив про свою точку зору на ймовірне збільшення числа валідаторів, тому я вирішив почати з даних із цього питання. Активні валідатори – 300,970 Валідатори в режимі очікування – 393 Поставлена кількість Ефіру […]

Mums in Bolton on Quantitative Easing and ETH staking

ethereum staking validator

Ethereum saw an additional $400 million staked this past week according to staking rewards. At the time of writing head line data points for staking ETH looks like this: Total ETH staked – 9,956,701 ETH Total validators – 296,693 Current APR – 4.9% Just for fun and to respect the persistence of numbers I predict […]

We have 99 problems but Maximal Extracted Value (MEV) ain’t one

I didn’t know or understand a key benefit of Launchnodes core product until this week. I think it’s important to share this because I often refer to Ethereum as a general-purpose technology and in doing so make it sound less new and difficult to comprehend by using the analogy of the internet & railroads. This analogy […]


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