Financial businesses

Hedge funds, trusts, family offices, and asset managers become investment grade solo stakers for Ethereum, using their infrastructure.

Staking providers

Use our execution and consensus layer clients (Teku or Prysmatic) to run nodes on public cloud or bare metal.

Crypto markets

Crypto businesses, startups, cryptocurrency exchanges, and DAOs can solo stake efficiently, securely and with increased scalability. Meet the demands of your business model and customers while reducing the cost of building and maintaining nodes and teams.


Stake Ethereum and on other Proof of Stake blockchains without dependencies on staking-as-a-service providers and centralised exchanges. Collect maximum execution and consensus layer rewards.



We help you build Dapps and data solutions because we allow you to run RPC nodes on your infrastructure. There is no need for third party end points and APIs.

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Benefits of solo staking with Launchnodes

Keep 100% of execution and consensus layer staking rewards

Launchnodes allows you to solo stake ETH, enabling Geth, Beacon and Validator nodes on your infrastructure.

Direct access to
blockchain data

If you are building Dapps and blockchain data solutions, we make running RPC nodes on your infrastructure easy and cost effective. Avoid a dependency on third party end points and APIs.


Build your staking propositions faster by using our white label staking services. Leverage our consulting services and development team to deliver value to your customers, faster.

How does it work?

Solo staking & rpc nodes

Execution Layer Infrastructure

We set up and manage a complete blockchain ecosystem that you own, reducing costs and complexities of running Geth and Beacon nodes.

You keep 100% of the execution layer staking rewards and get an RPC node you own.

Execution node

Runs smart contracts on the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

self custody

Consensus Layer Infrastructure

We securely set up your Validator nodes that run on your infrastructure (AWS, bare metal or a cloud provider that you choose)

You keep 100% of the consensus layer rewards + MEV.

Beacon Node

Coordinates the network, and manages Proof of Stake for Ethereum.